Hammond XL-172 Aurora Century




Onder de, bij Hammond reeds eerder gebruikte naam Century, werd d.m.v. "brandlabeling" (dat is het onder jouw naam uitbrengen van een model, die bij een collega fabrikant gebouwd wordt) de Aurora Century XL-172 uitgebracht. Dit is echter een "gebrandlabelde" Orla GT 5000. Hier een demonstratie waar te horen is, dat de sound zeer weinig met een Hammondorgel te maken heeft.

The Aurora Century combines high technology with great sound, drawbars, disk drive, traditional Hammond features and a beautiful cabinet to make this the perfect mid-priced Hammond organ for home organists.     

FEATURES XL-172 Aurora Century

Hammond starts off the new century with a brand-new and exciting addition to the Laurens Hammond Series - the Aurora Century!

This all new organ combines the sound of Hammonds from the past with the most advanced technology of the future. The famous Hammond Harmonic Drawbars are here, along with high quality digital Orchestral voices, Hammond’s Auto-Vari™ rhythm section, and even Hammond’s Auto Band Orchestra™, providing wonderful authentic orchestrated background accompaniments. Hammond’s ProChord™ allows the creation of full right hand harmonies with a single finger. 
Digital Reverb adds luster and depth to the Hammond tone. And the new Preset Rhythm Select feature allows the Combination Presets to change rhythms and rhythm tempos. Add to this attractive walnut cabinetry with a closing roll top and you have a truly worthy
addition to the Hammond family of fine home organs!  


Manuals Two 49-note manuals Pedal Keyboard 13-note pedalboard
Harmonic Drawbars™ 9 pitches for upper manual : 16',5 1/3',8',4',2 2/3',l 3/5',l 1/3',1'
Percussion 5 1/3',8',4',2 2/3'
Upper Orchestra-1 Section
Flute, Pan Flute, Tenor Sax, Oboe, English Horn, French Horn, Trumpet, Muted Trumpet, Trombone, Synth Brass, Violin, Piano, Harpsichord, Electric Piano, Clavi, Jazz Guitar, Clean Guitar, Marimba, Xylophone, Strings, Slow Strings, Choir, Chorus, Sustain, Custom Voice, Octave Upper Orchestra-2 Section Jazz Flute, Piccolo, Sax, Baritone Sax, Oboe, Clarinet, Trumpet, Accordion, Church Organ, Hawaiian Guitar, Country Guitar, Nylon String Guitar, New Age Pad, Glock, Vibraphone, Banjo, Chimes, Strings, Portamento, Chorus, Sustain, Mono, Custom Voice, Octave 
Lower Orchestra Section Accomp. Organ, Pop Organ, Theatre Organ, Church Organ, Flute, Sax, Clarinet, French Horn Section, Trumpet, Trombone, Accordion, Piano, Piano & Strings, Electric Piano, Electric Piano & Strings, Guitar, Guitar & Strings, New Age Pad, Warm Pad, Strings, Slow Strings, Choir, Chorus, Sustain, Custom Voice, Octave 
Pedal Voice Section Pedal 16', Pedal 8', Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass, Tuba, Fretless Bass, Timpani, Strings, Custom Voices, Sustain Octave 
Auto-Vari™ 32 rhythms each with three programmable variations, Intro/Ending, Fill In 1, Fill In 2, Adjustable Volume, Tempo Control, Stop/Start, Auto Start. 
Rhythm Preset 32 inbuilt presets, one for each rhythm.
Auto Band Orchestra™ 32 musical accompaniment styles each with three programmable variations, AutoBand, Auto Bass, Memory. 
Manual Drums 
Animation Vibrato, Leslie SLow & Fast. 
Digital Reverb 4 Programs. 
ProChord™ 2 Patterns 
Sustain Variable for Upper Manual, Lower Manual and Pedals. 
Presets 8 Presets to register the entire organ. 2 banks available.
Transpose Up or down six semitones 
Information Center Display 
Disk Drive Store Preset Banks and Songs.
Play back SMF (Standard MIDI Files) GM-compatible.
Download additional Auto-Vari Styles and Rhythms.
Headphone & Auxilliary IN/OUT Jacks
MIDI Connections: IN, OUT, THRU. 
Selectable MIDI Channels. 
Closing Roll Top












Hier nog een keer de specificaties, maar wat overzichtelijker:

Hieronder de Italiaanse omschrijving van de GT5000 / Aurora Century:

GT 5000 - The Sound of Italy

The GT5000 offers stunningly realistic   sound and advanced performance features, and yet makes them easy to use.  So easy in fact, you really can sound professional the very first time you sit down to play the instrument. Yet with its vast array of voices and registrations the GT5000 is sophisticated and versatile enough to satisfy players of all standards.
Whilst the GT5000 uses a new generation of technology the warmth and depth of tone which has long been associates with the ORLA products remain.
A newly developed set of loudspeakers using the ORLA SOFT CONE Speaker Technology ensures high quality sound reproduction at high and low volume levels. The traditional styling of the cabinet means the GT5000 looks every bit as good as it sounds.

Orchestral and Organ Sounds
ORLA has improved the sounds of the GT5000 and the 292 sampled sounds available in each of the orchestral sections have now a even more natural feeling. These include the standard 128 General Midi voices + ORLA XM sound library voices. Each manual has real time Flutebars for creating your own original organ sounds with Flute or Tibia voicing. Both Tremolo and Vibrato effects are available on the Flutes.
40 unique accordion samples can be found within the Orchestra sections.  A variety of features such as Reverb, 3D Sound Enhancer, Octave shift and Sustain can be used to enhance the sounds.

Automatic Organ
This section gives immediate access to a selection of 6 banks of 16 fixed Overall Presets each one already set with stunning registrations offering at the touch of a button the typical sounds of  Theatre Organs, a Jazz Organ,  a Church Organ, a Big Band or a Jazz Combo section, as indicated in each Automatic Organ registration banks.

Built In Registrations and Automatic Set Ups
In order to allow you to sit down and play straight away using professional sounding  registrations each of the 90 onboard rhythm styles has an Automatic Set Up. These convenient registrations, set up the whole organ instantly
using sounds appropriate to the musical style selected.
The GT5000 allows the player to adjust these registrations to suit personal taste.
The 16 Overall Presets also come preset with settings to get you started once again covering a wide range of musical styles including Organ Sounds, Orchestral, Jazz and Big Band.

Advanced Rhythm Orchestrations
The GT5000 has an extensive rhythm section featuring 90 different rhythm styles. These cover a broad range - from traditional dance rhythms such as Waltz, Foxtrot and Quickstep to modern contemporary beats and great Latin rhythms. Each style has 3 Variations, fully orchestrated Intros and Endings and Fill In patterns.

Built in Performance Recorder with Disk Drive
The built-in disk drive can be used to load and save musical data including registrations, rhythm styles and songs. The new Auto Save facility eliminates many of the problems people have previously encountered when using disks. he performance recording side of the disk drive is for recording and playback of your own performances.
Once again the emphasis is on ease of use with a minimal amount of button pushing required to both record and save to disk.

GT5000/Aurora Century Specifications:

Keyboards        2 x 61 notes Touch Sensitive Keyboard   -  13 notes pedal board
Polyphony        84 Notes
Upper Flutes     9 Drawbar Flutes,  4 Organ Presets + 4 User Presets, Attack,  Sustain, Motion Effect Slow/Fast, Percussion: 5 1/3', 4', 2 2/3', 3 Click type, Overdrive, Vibrato
Lower Flutes         5 Drawbar Flutes,  4 Organ Presets + 4 User Presets, Sustain
Upper Orchestra 1     22 Sounds + 22 User Sounds, 292 Internal Sounds, Chorus, Sustain, Octave, User, Volume
Upper Orchestra 2    18 Sounds + 22 User Sounds, 292 Internal sounds, Portamento, Poly/Mono, Octave, User, Volume
Special           14 Sounds + 14 User Sounds, 292 Internal Sounds, Chorus, Sustain, Octave, User, Volume
Lower Orchestra     22 Sounds + 22 User Sounds, 292 Internal Sounds, Chorus, Sustain, Octave, User, Volume
Bass              8 sounds + 8 User Sounds, 292 Internal Sounds Sustain, Octave, User, Volume
Rhythm Section    90 Styles with 3 Variations (5 parts arrangements), 16 User Styles, MFC/OFC, Auto Bass, Auto Chord, Memory, Split, Intro/Ending, Fade, Fill 1/2, Auto Start, Start/Stop, Drum Volume, Acc. 1, 2, 3  Volumes
S.M.F. Disk         Record, Play/Stop, Record, Pause, Melody On/Off, Scroll Up/Down, Rew./FF, Volume
Automatic Organ    6 banks of 16 Organ Registrations
Auto Set-Up        90 Style Settings
Overall Presets    16 User Programs
Programmable Styles    16 Programmable Styles
Effects            Reverb: 12 Types -   Chorus: 8 Types -   Enhancer: 5 types     
Controls        Master Volume, Lower Volume On/Off, OMC, Set Button
Tuning            Transpose, Pitch
Dynamic        On/Off, 5 selectable Curves
Wheels            Pitch, Modulation
Midi    32 Midi Channels, Control Change On/Off, Program Change On/Off, Local Control On/Off,  Int./Ext. Clock,  Midi In (2)/Out/Thru
Volume Pedal    Master Volume and  Programmable Pedals
Sockets        L/R Outputs, L/R Inputs                        
Headphone        Headphone Socket
Speakers         5 Channels, 5 Soft Cone Speakers, (2 Horn Tw, 2x 20cm Mid, 1x 25cm Woofer)  150 Watts
Size (WxDxH)        120 cm x 65 cm x 107 cm
Weight         95 Kg.

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Telephone   ++39 071 7500223 -   Fax   ++39 071 7506041 -  e.mail: info@orla.it -   Web Site:  www.orla.it

Een van de nieuwste modellen van Orla, de Grand Theatre Jubilee is, door het stoppen van de overeenkomst de beiden fabrikanten, alleen onder de naam Orla te verkrijgen.

Hier is veel info te zien en te beluisteren: www.orla.it