Hammond XH-200/XH-200 SP

Deze generatie XH en XT orgels zijn wat meer "orchestrale orgels", waarbij overigens zowel de instrumentale registers en geluiden, als de drawbars naar eigen smaak aangepast en opgeslagen kunnen worden. De XH en XT series kunnen eigenlijk beter met de H-100 series en dergelijke vergeleken worden dan met de pure B 3.



Het enige verschil tussen XH en XH-SP is het aantal pedalen: 
is 25-tonig, XH-SP is 13-tonig (SP = Short Pedal)


In Europa kwam de  XH-200/SP uit onder  onder de naam "CENTURY", welke op de lessenaar een gouden plaatje kreeg met "65 Years Hammond" erop.


• VASE™ and VASE II™ Digital Technology
• Two 61-note manuals
• 25-note radiating detachable pedalboard
• Harmonic Drawbars
9 Pitches for each manual: 16' 5 1/3', 8', 4', 2 2/3', 2', 1 3/5', 1 1/3', 1'
2 Pitches for Pedals, 16' & 8'
Adjustable Voicing & Attack for Upper & Lower Manuals and Pedals.
Adjustable Foldback for Upper & Lower Manuals.
• Touch-Response Percussion Second Harmonic, Third Harmonic, Fast Decay,
Soft Touch Tabs
Adjustable Level, Velocity ON/OFF, Percussion
Drawbar Cancel ON/OFF and Drawbar Level w/Percussion ON/OFF.
• Orchestral Voices: Flute, Pan Flute, Tenor Sax, Oboe, Clarinet, French Horn, Trumpet, Muted Trumpet, Trombone, Synth Brass, Violin, Harmonica, Accordion, Church Organ, Grand Piano, Harpsichord, Electric Piano, Clavi, Jazz Guitar, Clean Guitar, Nylon String Guitar, New Age Pad, Vibraphone, Glockenspiel, Marimba, Steel Drum, Banjo, Chime
On Upper, On Lower, Solo, Mono, Octave Down
Tone Control, Effect Control and Chorus Touch Tabs
Two Programmable Custom Voices.
Voice Edit: Filter Cut Off, Filter Resonance, Vibrato Rate, Vibrato Depth, Vibrato Delay, Envelope Attack, Envelope Sustain, Envelope Release, Chorus Send Level, Fine Tune, Key Shift 
• Custom Voice Section On Upper, On Lower, Solo, Select, On Display and Tone Control Touch Tabs.
214 Custom Voices in 13 Voice Groups.
16 User Voices
User Voice Edit: Voice Name, Filter Cutoff, Filter Resonance, Vibrato Rate, Vibrato Depth, Vibrato Delay, Envelope Attack, Envelope Sustain, Envelope Release, Chorus Send Level, Fine Tune, Key Shift.
• Ensemble Voice Section Upper String 1, Upper String 2, Lower String, Lower Choir, Chorus Touch Tabs.
Programmable Voices
Chorus (Detune) Edit: Width, Offset, Depth
• Pedal Voice Section Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass, Tuba
24 Custom Voices with Octave Down, Pedal to Lower, Lower to Pedal Touch Tabs.
Custom Voice Edit: Voice Name, Filter Cutoff, Filter Resonance, Vibrato Rate, Vibrato Depth, Vibrato Delay, Envelope Attack, Envelope Sustain, Envelope Release, Chorus Send Level, Fine Tune, Key Shift.
• Auto-Vari™ 98 rhythms each with four programmable variations
Intro/Ending, Fill In 1, Fill In 2, Measure Selector, Adjustable Volume, Tempo Control Wheel, Touch Tempo™, Stop/Start, Touch Start, Pro Foot Start/Stop.
• Rhythm Preset 98 inbuilt presets, one for each rhythm.
• Auto Band Orchestra™ 98 musical accompaniment styles each with four programmable variations, Auto Chord, Auto Band 1, Auto Band 2, Auto Bass, Memory.
• Manual Drums 9 Drum Kits plus Follow-the Player Rhythms
• Animation 6 Degrees of Vibrato & Chorus, Leslie On, Leslie Fast Touch Tabs
Adjustable Slow & Fast Speeds, Rise, Fall & Brake Times, Horn/Bass Volume Balance, Microphone Settings.
• Digital Reverb 4 Programs
• Auto Arpeggio™
• ProChord™ 20 Patterns
• ProFoot™ Leslie Slow/Fast, Sustain, Orchestral Damper, Preset Forward, Preset Backward, ProChord, Rhythm Start/Stop, Glide
• Sustain Variable for Upper Manual, Lower Manual and Pedals
• Presets 10 illuminated Presets to register the entire organ. 10 banks available.
• Information Center Display LCD Display 240 × 64 characters. 
16 numbered Touch Buttons for volume and function control. 
• Disk Drive
Store Preset Banks and Songs. Play back SMF (Standard MIDI Files). GM/GS-compatible. Download additional Auto-Vari Styles and Rhythms.
• Headphone & Auxiliary IN/OUT Jacks
• MIDI Upper, Lower, Pedal and Mute Touch Tabs.
Connections: IN, OUT, THRU
Selectable MIDI Channels
• Pitch Bend / Modulation / Leslie
Optional CU-2 Control Center
• 11-pin Leslie® connector
• Amplifiers 3 x 50 watt amplifiers.
• Closing Roll Top







Vase 11 Digital technology, the very latest development in custom electronic design from Hammond’s own research and development team has created an integrated ‘Tone-wheel’ sample system, which will generate the ultimate in traditional sound quality and realism.


The very highest standard of furniture construction creates a cabinet of luxury styling, providing all of the original deluxe design features that you would expect from a Hammond including a coordinated roll top protective cover, switchable, concealed console illumination and unobtrusive, easy-move castors (XT100)
The physical feel of the keys is generally an instant guide to the quality of the whole instrument. Close your eyes and touch the twin keyboards of the XT/XH and you know that you are sitting at a Hammond. The silky smooth action and warm feel of what are regarded as probably the best keybeds available, will without doubt, contribute enormously to your playing pleasure. Plus, the new ‘lower manual split mode’ will further enhance your playing possibilities by creating a virtual three keyboard instrument.


A totally new easy to read illuminated central information screen with adjustable contrast control allows instant visual access to all feature sections. By just holding down a control panel button, all preset, edit and control functions for that section will be automatically displayed.


Conveniently located between the keyboards, 100 programmable registration presets (10 banks of 10) give instant recall to all of your favourite voice combinations. Many interesting and usable registrations, representing different kinds of music are factory preset, but many of you will want to reserve for your own ideas or for entering from prerecorded discs.


The Multi function, standard Disc drive supplements a real time digital sequencer that allows you to simply record and save all of those glowing performances. The all-important Disc player will also facilitate the loading of new rhythm styles and registrations, as well as playing your favourite arrangements from standard midi files. An important technology break through will also allow you to load any future upgrade features via the disc drive. This will virtually prevent your new Hammond from ever going out of date.


The heart of these instruments is, of course, the Hammond exclusive Harmonic Drawbar tonal control system. The original and the best! Most professional players will confirm that only the Hammond drawbars permit you to actually blend tone colours in such a way to achieve the exact shade of expression you want. Yet even for the novice, it is the easiest mode of creating thousands of tonal variations, giving each melody an inspired originality. The XT/ XH models project this unique feature further by including extensive editable controls that will allow for even greater possibilities. However, the main reason for its recognised success is that this system controls an incredible, distinctive sound quality that has been unrivalled for over 63 years. The truly timeless Hammond Sound.


Hammond’s exclusive and completely redesigned rhythm accompaniment section provides an amazing assortment of totally new, rousing accompaniment orchestrations to enhance your melodies and arrangements. Each style has 4 programmable variations and when used in conjunction with Style Preset, each variation automatically selects a suitable instrumental registration to complement the rhythm pattern chosen. Even the most modest playing ability will be transformed into a professional performance.


When selected, Prochord will add a professionally arranged harmony to single note melodies played on the upper keyboard. This feature is fully editable and will allow the selection of different voices to each part of the harmony creating an extensive orchestration with just one finger.


Having conveniently placed twin foot switches on either side of the expression pedal, the XT XH models help you to access many important control features without the need to remove your hands from the keyboards. Variable glide, Leslie slow/fast, Preset selection and Rhythm control, are just some of the parameters that can be activated in this way.


In addition to traditional Vibrato and chorus effects, the XT XH series incorporates an advanced digital Leslie simulator that impressively replicates the animation of an external twin-rotor speaker cabinet. You can choose from a preset selection of different Leslie models or customise your personal Leslie by editing the many control parameters.


The XT XH models introduce hundreds of totally new instrumental and special effect voices. Divided into easily accessible sections, this extensive variety of incredibly realistic orchestral effects combine subtly with each other and the rich organ tones to produce a sound library that will inspire your musical creativity.

De full size XH.


Dan is er dus nog de XH 200 SP, waar SP staat voor Small Pedal, dus heb je twee maal een 5 oktaafs klavier (61 toetsen) en toch een klein pedaal. SP heeft bij Hammond overigens niets met politiek te maken.
In Amerika stond dit model bekend onder de naam "CENTURY"

De Compacte SP


Hier een professionele demo.
Hier speelt Ray Willetts op een 200 als organist op de dansschool.