Leslie model 840

Deze Leslie is relatief onbekend en een in Nederland niet veel verkocht model.
Het betreft hier eigenlijk een portable versie van een 315/415/422. Zie voor verdere gegevens aldaar. Er zijn uitsluitend verschillen in de meubel uitvoering, dus aan de buitenkant. Intern kan alles één op één uitgewisseld worden.

Eerst even de brochure:





 De engelse specs: 

  The new Model 840 has all the features, quality and performance the Professionals demand. It has to. It's a Leslie Speaker.
The Model 840 introduces a new concept to the Leslie line - to fully enhance the "total sound" of multi-channel organs. Designed specifically for use with three channel Instruments, the addition of two stationary channels to the rotary Speaker System highlights the richness and texture of the entire organ.
There's the world famous Leslie sound-in-motion produced by two rotors encompassing the entire keyboard range. The upper frequency range is handled by a high-compression treble driver and rotary horn, while lower frequencies radiate from a husky 6" x 9" loudspeaker within a newly designed Rotosonic® drum.
The pedal/bass tones and the lowest range of the keyboards are reproduced by a specially treated 12" woofer in the acoustically damped bass-reflex enclosure. A 6" x 9" full fidelity Speaker located in the front and two 2 1/2" tweeters (located on the upper sides) give wide distribution to the midrange and treble tones.
The third channel of sound, using two matched 6" x 9" Speakers located in special chambers on each side of the cabinet, will highlight the addional channel and complete the total spectrum of sound found in the multi-channel organ.
Equally important is the Dual Response Control (TRC) for setting the desired amount of tonal brilliance coming from the cabinet. These two slide controls let you select the tone of the rotary and stationary channels. You literally create your own response curve.

30" H x27" Wx18" D 120 pounds
Solid-state, measured continuous undistorted Output: 
Keyboard 30 Watts, Pedal/Bass 50 Watts Rotary Horn and Rotosonic 30 Watts, Auxilliary Channel 30 Watts Total 140 Watts (RSM) 
Cabinet provides it's own AC power supply connection






Een link naar een 840 op film: