Maas Rowe Vibrachime Carillon


Zie ook de tekst bij het hiervoor besproken Minor Bels Carillon

Deze versie heeft veel weg van de Maas Rowe Minor Bells maar het betreft toch een ander instrument.
De exacte verschillen zijn nog bij ons in onderzoek, maar de rode draad is dat dit instrument een meer heldere toon heeft dan de Minor Bells. Ook hebben we instrumenten gevonden met en zonder ingebouwde versterker.
Na een aantal afbeeldingen vindt u de engelse tekst over dit product, dat op een soortgelijke manier werkt als de bekende Fender Rhodes piano. Evenals bij deze carillons werden bij de Fender Rhodes Piano eveneens klankstaafjes met een pick up element toegepast.
Opmerkelijk is dat zowel Maas Rowe als Fender beiden in de regio van Los Angeles gevestigd zijn. 






Let op de platte draaischijf aan de linkerzijde, welke mogelijk een volumeregeling is (increase)









Hier de advertentie voor het Maas Rowe Carillon:


Een demonstratie LP:


Hier is een Carillon op elegante manier in een Model M ingebouwd.



Ingezoomd op het klaviertje:


Het raam met klankstaven is in de achterkant van het orgel ingebouwd:



Het luidsprekerkastje:



De 10 standen schakelaar werd tegen het onderklavier bevestigd:





Hier de onderkant van het klaviertje, met duidelijk zichtbaar de geribbelde schijf die voor de "increase" zorgde: 


Nogmaals de versterker en luidspreker eenheid:









Hier een simpele demo, hoe het geheel klinkt

Klik hier voor nog een demo Van binnen is goed waar te nemen, hoe de klankstaafjes bespeeld worden en hoe het apparaat heden ten dage door een digitale machine aangestuurd wordt.

Hieronder vindt u de beloofde engelse tekst.


For centuries the Chimes of Westminster and the ancient art of the Belgian carillonneurs have been accepted as the world's standard of musical artistry and beauty of carillon tone. 
Today from Western America comes a modern challenge to this ancient art - the MAAS Rowe VIBRACHIME CARILLONS in a form and at a cost well within reach of all.


For the simple dignity of chapel chimes tolling softly in the background. Rich, glorious tones flooding the countryside with the melody of beloved hymns. Clear notes of chimes sounding the hours and quarter hours. MAAS Rowe VIBRACHIME CARILLONS supply them all in beautifully resounding tones.


For churches, cemetery and mortuary chapels, schools, libraries, hospitals, Army and Navy institutions, City Halls and many other public buildings... What could be more appropriate than the installation of these beautiful chimes whose rounded, satisfying melody charms soothes and delights all who hear their rich mellow notes?


The Vibrachime is used in more churches than any other electronic carillon instrument. 
This popular priced single keyboard carillon of perfectly tuned rod-type bells is made in two ranges, 25 notes (70 series) F to F, or 27 notes (77 series) F to G Chromatic. These instruments provide the tonal equivalent of the lowest octaves of a very large cast bell carillon. Over 56 tons of bronze would be required to duplicate the tones of a Vibrachime in cast bells.

The Vibrachime is usually supplied with major tuned bells. Traditional minor third tuning is optional. Improved Octamonic Tuning*, an exclusive Maas-Rowe feature, provides perfectly harmonious bell tones. Six partials are tuned in each rod. The bell rods are produced by a patented process and cannot go out of tune or break from use.

The 25 note Vibrachime is supplied in a satin finish walnut cabinet of classic design measuring 31" high x 23" wide x 12" deep.  The cabinet of the 27 note model is a beautiful original design by Herbert Kornfeld. Concealed keyboard is standard, contacts for organ keys are optional.
Also available without cabinet for pipe organ installations.

Choose from several different outdoor amplification systems. The entire carillon system need not be purchased at one time. The Vibrachime may be purchased without tower amplification and used indoors. Outdoor amplification, Chronobell* and automatic player can be added later as required.

The automatic roll player Model N-25** (now the MPR memory player) plays the actual Vibrachime bells from hand cut tear-proof mylar perforated rolls. Can be set to play from one to six selections each time player starts.

*  Registered trademark of Maas Rowe
** Mylar Rolls for the N-25 & N-50 roll players are no longer manufactured.

Features of the Vibrachime Carillon

Separate indoor and outdoor amplifiers.
Independent control for indoor volume.
Complete remote control operation.
Keyboard can be detached from Vibrachime cabinet and mounted on organ console. 
Fifty foot cable standard. 
Up to 200 feet of cable can be used between keyboard and vibrachime.
Special finish cabinet available to order.
Underwriters approved carillon amplifiers supplied in rack and panel cabinets for 120 watt or larger systems. 
Rack and panel optional extra for 60 watt systems.
Complete line of automatic playing and ringing equipment available.

Simplicity of operation is an outstanding feature of MAAS Rowe VIBRACHIME CARILLON SYSTEMS. The simple keyboard placed in the most convenient location, whether in conjunction with other musical instruments or not, makes it possible for anyone who can "pick out" a melody with one finger to play the chimes.

All VIBRACHIME CARILLON SYSTEMS are constructed so that the following accessories can be added, either at the time of installation, or at some future date:
Westminster Clock Movement, that automatically tolls the Westminster Chimes hourly and also on the half-hour and quarter hour if desired.
An Angelus Player that sounds the Catholic Angelus three times daily.
A model TA (low priced version) Automatic Hymn Player.
The more elaborate model N-25 series of Automatic plastic roll players play several hymns in a single program daily, with as many programs as desired.

Other useful equipment such as RECORD PLAYERS, etc. 
These can be added to any MAAS Rowe VIBRACHIME CARILLON SYSTEM as funds are available.

For additional information on automatic chimes players see bulletin titled MAAS Rowe AUTOMATIC CHIME PLAYERS.

The tones of these systems are produced by small, accurately tuned rods (little bells), with harmonics of beautifully tuned bells. Each individual bell in the Carillon has not less than five tuned harmonics. Accuracy of tuning is unexcelled by any other system regardless of price. Low in cost, versatile, simple to install, they require no expensive tower alterations and no special room is required to house the Vibrachimes or accessories as neither temperature nor noise affects the operation of these bells. All MAAS Rowe VIBRACHIME CARILLON SYSTEMS are designed in such a way that a small system can be installed and increased at a later date to any strength desired by the simple addition of power stages and extra speakers to the initial equipment. The MAAS Rowe CARILLON SYSTEM (covered by U. S. patents) has many exclusive features that are found in any other systems of this type. All these features, combined with the specially built and matched amplification systems, are reasons why MAAS Rowe VIBRACHIME CARILLON SYSTEMS are the finest available.


Several units of the finest electrical and sound equipment make up the amplification equipment used in MAAS Rowe VIBRACHIME CARILLON SYSTEMS, which sends out beautiful bell music over large or small areas depending upon the amplification specification selected. Every part of the equipment is thoroughly matched to give the finest possible results. Nothing is used that is not specifically designed to function with the MAAS Rowe VIBRACHIMES. Another additional feature of every Maas Rowe System is that provision is made so that microphones may be added at any time, so as to sound the voice of the Pastor, the Choir, Organ, etc. over the outside loudspeaker system.

Minor tuned BELL CARILLON SYSTEMS are also available. These bells are substantially identical to MAAS Rowe CHIME CARILLONS, except that the bells are tuned to minor instead of major tonality used in the VIBRACHIME CARILLON SYSTEM. Minor tuned bells sound more like actual cast bells and are sometimes desired by those who prefer this type of tone. They do not however blend nearly so well when used in conjunction with organ tones as do the VIBRACHIME CARILLONS or MAAS Rowe CATHEDRAL CHIMES. For this reason VIBRACHIME CARILLON sales far exceed those of the MINOR TUNED BELL CARILLONS. Minor tuned bells are priced slightly higher.