Baldwin Leslie 125


Deze Leslie Speaker, die gebaseerd was op de bekende 125 werd in licentie gebouwd door Baldwin, een amerikaanse fabrikant van orgels en pianos.
Om een beetje een eigen versie te maken werd de voorkant voorziern van een stoffen bekleding, hetwelk bij Leslie zelf ook niet ongebruikelijk was.
Dit model werd zowel in noten uitvoering als in het wit op de markt gebracht.




En hieronder de wite uitvoering:



Tot slot even de specificaties, die uiteraard vrijwel overeenkomen met de standaard 125:

This vintage US made tube amplified Leslie was made under license from Electromusic by Baldwin, likely in the late 50's/early 60's. The Leslie tone cabinet features a dual 6L6 tube amplifier, which features a tube rectifier. The cabinet includes a nice quality original vintage 12" speaker, the wooden rotor baffle and the same standard motor used in all similar Leslie cabinets.  This item consists of the amplified tone cabinet, but also includes the whole kit and everything needed to add Leslie capabilities to any organ (or even guitar amplifier!)
There is an original 29' Leslie connection cable (6 pin), a set of two white colored "half moon" switches and the hardware to connect these parts to an organ.
A hardware box to which the half moon switches connect and a power adapter that will bring power to the whole kit are included.
In a standard Leslie turning on the power of the organ will bring power to the Leslie to power the amplifier and the motor. There are the famous "half moon" control switches, of which one turns the Leslie effect On (and Off - labeled as: Tremolo On/Off) by enabling the motor to run (relay controlled) The other half moon switch is known as the "MEE switch", which means and is labeled as: Main, Echo, Ensemble. This allows to direct the audio signal either to the organ internal speaker only (Main), to the Leslie only (Echo) or to both Leslie and Organ (Ensemble)
All the hardware required is included here to facilitate these functions almost for any organ. Hook-up is not complex: basically the organ needs to provide switched AC power (generally the power switch of the organ) and the organ needs to provide a loudspeaker signal to the Leslie and to it's internal loudspeaker. The Leslie kit will allow to switch the organ internal loudspeaker off - that is basically all there is to it. The included "half moon" switches are designed to easily mount to any organ - underneath the keyboard facing the front of the organ with 2 screws each. For guitar amplifier usage the basics are similar: the guitar amplfier needs to provide a speaker level signal (tapped of the speaker - any guitar amp as little as 5 Watts will do. To install/wire up the power control hardware will be somewhat more elaborate, as generally the guitarist prefers to control with footswitches instead of the included half-moon switches.
The Leslie Tone cabinet and the amplifier are fully refurbished with a quality detail oriented overhaul job (details below) - performing to original specifications and ready to perform reliably for decades. This unit resembles similarities to the Leslie 125.

Detailed Features:
Amplifier Unit: Tube amplified with tube rectifier>
Output power: about 40 Watt.
Tubes: 1x 12AX7, 2x 6L6, 5U4 rectifier.

Chassis 6 pin male Leslie input.
External fuse.
The amplifier includes amplifer powered relais motor control circuitry with electronic brake circuitry.

Work performed to restore this unit to original specifications:
Replacement of all capacitors including the filter capacitors in the power supply, all signal coupling capacitors, rework all contacts, tube sockets and controls including the contact points of the relay. Thorough testing and replacing out of tolerance components to restore the motor braking circuitry to original specifications.

Detailed Features:
Tone cabinet: 12" original speaker, belt driven wooden baffle rotor, original US made one speed motor (can be enhanced to multi-speed by adding a modern single speed to multi speed electronic conversion module)
Motor control facilitated by amplifier internal relay circuitry, which includes an electronic brake circuit.
Work performed to restore this unit to original specifications:
Complete tear down: all mechanical parts (including the speaker) were cleaned.
Metal surfaces refurbished: light surface oxidation due to age was removed from all metal parts.
Re-packing of the bearings and replacement of needed rubber parts.
The unit runs quiet, smoothly and was restored for long term trouble free and reliable performance.

Detailed Features:
Connection/Control Kit: 1 Original Leslie cable in good condition, 29" long
1 MEE half moon switch cover white, original 5 pin mini plug
1 Tremolo half moon switch, cover white,
2 pin mini plug
1 Hardware connector box: jacks for the 2 plugs that are connected ot the half moon switches - the half moon switches get connected here.
Leslie Speaker output jack (6 pin, the Leslie cable gets connected here)
Male 5 pin plug "Console" (the additional adapter get connected here)
1 additional Leslie/power adaper: contains a 117V AC power cord
A 5 pin female plug (connects to hardware box), also contains a dual 6 pin male female connector A jumper plug to be connected to the female ens and the male part of the 6 Pin plug is to be connected to the organ.